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Programming (C programming language) MSc. Autonomous systems

alt text Neptun-code: IPM-18AUTEPROGEG

In 2022 autumn semester, this course is in English.


Write a simplified grep utility. Deadline is 2nd Dec, Friday, 23:59. You should send me the solution in mail to gsd@inf.elte.hu as a single source file.

Do not forget to take the exam in NEPTUN when it will be possible!


Minimum requirement that the program works on the standard input or from file parameters taking a mandatory first parameter PATTERN and print those (and only those) lines to the standard output which contains the PATTERN. Check the starndard function strstr().

Next step is to implement the -i flag: grep -i PATTERN FILES… The -i flag tells grep to ignore case sensitivity in pattern matching.

Maximum level is to implement -v flag to invert the behavior: print the lines which has no match. This level also suppose the handle of -i flag.

Lecture (suggested)

time place lecturer contact
Wednesday 14.00-16.00 D 0-822 Mogyoródi Tibor Brunner bruntib@ik.elte.hu


time place lecturer contact
Monday 18.00-19.30 D 00-807 Database lab Porkoláb Zoltán gsd@inf.elte.hu

Planned lectures:

  1. Introduction, compilation, linking. link
  2. Structure of C programs. link
  3. Preprocessor. link
  4. Operators, expressions, evaluation of expressions. link
  5. Statements, control structures. link
  6. Scope and life. link
  7. Declarations, definitions. link
  8. Functions, parameter passing, parameters of main. link
  9. Structs and dinamic memory handling.
  10. Arrays, pointers, pointer-aritmetics. link
  11. Implementing a unix utility. link




alt text

Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis Ritchie: The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition. Prentice Hall (April 1, 1988). ISBN-13: 978-0131103627. ISBN-10: 0131103628.

Draft C standard

N1570 Committee Draft — April 12, 2011 ISO/IEC 9899:201x


The 2021 autumn semester

The 2020 autumn semester